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In this blog, we have never been great fans of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, but this interview, which was performed by Christina Bobb, for One America’s News Network (OANN), on Monday, December the 20th, 2021 (Orginal link here), does reflect precisely our thoughts on the related topics. And, as we never use in this blog the argumenta ad hominem, but we only look at the content itself of what is said or written, we deem useful for our readers to have direct access to this text.

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[Christina Bobb] Recently, I had the distinct privilege to connect with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.  He stands as a beacon of light shining brighter than most in a world struggling with morality.  His humility and passion for truth and righteousness propel him to the forefront as more and more people around the world look for a voice of truth among a cacophony of lies. Viganò has spoken out to remind the church of their core beliefs, and to anchor the faithful to their true north.  Is murdering babies freedom?  Or, is prosperity and the ability to fulfill our dreams and destiny as a human race freedom?  They are mutually exclusive.  Pretending we can live an a-moral life while simultaneously fulfilling our God given destiny is schizophrenic.  We are a generation facing a global decision.  What type of generation will we be?  Like few times in history, the entire world is facing a crisis of conscious, a decision point.  Evil is real and it is trying to redefine us.  Will we allow it to?  Evil wants us to believe that we can define morality for ourselves, which ultimately leads to depravity.  Or, will we announce to eternity that we know who we are?  We know we were created in the image of God and we are good!  Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò cuts straight to the truth to reveal what we’ve known all along.  The crisis today can be won through hearts surrendered to God and his design for this generation.  Read his entire response to my questions below.

  1. Many people are beginning to see the dangers of the global take over, but have different religious backgrounds. How can people of different faiths come together to support freedom, even if they disagree?

This is a complex question, which a modernist Bishop would probably answer in this way: “Where is the problem? We are all children of God, regardless of how every believer refers to Him.” This, however, is not a Catholic response, much less the answer that a Bishop, that is, a Successor of the Apostles, should give.

Catholics know, from the Holy Scriptures and from Tradition, that an epochal battle is underway, with two sides: the side of God and the side of Satan. They also know that the victory belongs to God and to the Immaculate, the Woman Crowned with the Stars of the Apocalypse, who will crush the head of the ancient Serpent. In the face of a real global coup détat, in which an elite subservient to the Devil is imposing its own agenda, every Catholic knows how to recognize the infernal matrix of what happens under the pretext of the pandemic emergency: recognizing in it the ideology of death, hatred for life, an aversion to the sacred, and complacency towards chaos and violence.

Those who are not Catholics – or those who follow Prelates and Bergoglio himself in adapting to the pandemic and vaccine narrative  –  certainly have more difficulty in understanding the meaning of these events, and do not understand how man can want the death of his fellow man; how it is possible that the civil  – and religious  –  authority have been corrupted and bought by betraying their people; how doctors can give death to patients without treating them or by administering inappropriate care, or by advising on an experimental serum that under normal conditions would never have been approved; how the magistrates do not intervene to stop the dictatorship that is being established everywhere, in the most scandalous violation of fundamental rights.

As I said in my message to the citizens of Switzerland[1], it is not freedom that we must ask for today; or, to say it better, the freedom that we must claim is neither license nor the arbitrary will to do whatever we wish, but – according to the definition of Leo XIII in the Encyclical Libertas Præstantissimum – the freedom to act within the boundaries of the Good, which today is prevented.

Is it freedom to kill a child in the womb? Is it freedom to recognize rights to vice and sin, and to mock or condemn virtue and good deeds? Is it freedom to claim the power that only God has, to decide when to live and when to die? Is it freedom to pretend to have marriage between people of the same sex, to adopt children, to buy them from mothers paid as mares with “surrogacy”? Is it freedom to use the poor and disinherited of the world to destroy the social fabric of the West or to lower the cost of labor, when it is precisely the apostate and anti-Christian West that causes poverty and exploits the resources of underdeveloped countries?

Catholics, and above all the laity, have the opportunity to make those who do not have the grace of the true Faith and of full communion with the Church of Christ understand that everything that is happening – precisely because of its evidently anti-christic nature – is part of those “last things” – τα ἔσχατα  – of which Sacred Scripture speaks, of the battle of the children of Light against the children of darkness. And at that point those who are honest, those who are good and want the Good – those whom the Gospel calls “men of good will” – will understand that there is only one Religion considered an enemy by the elite: the Roman Catholic Apostolic Religion; and that it is no longer possible to remain neutral, or to believe that one can navigate without choosing which side to be on. The Grace of God will touch their hearts, and with the eyes of the soul they will understand that there is only one side to which they can belong, and only the Cross of Christ under which they can fight the common enemy. And their choice of side will be blessed and rewarded by God.

  1. What role does religion play in (1) the coup, (2) the solution, or (3) both?

This is also a very complex question. First of all, we must make a distinction between “religion” in a general sense and “religion” understood as “Catholic Religion.”

Certainly, Covid has adopted religious connotations to obtain greater consensus in the population. And so we see high priests of the pandemic, preachers of the vaccines, conversions of the infidels, excommunications for the new heretics, social burning at the stake for the non-vaxxed, with salvation given by having been inoculated with the gene serum. But we know well that Satan is the ape of God, and even with Covid has shown unequivocally to have put himself into his usual role.

Secondly, if we talk about the Catholic Church, we must remember that the Hierarchy has been living for sixty years a sort of bipolar disorder: on the one hand we have the doctrine, morality, liturgy, discipline that for two thousand years have been what makes the Church catholic; on the other we have Bergoglio and the modernist Bishops who preach another doctrine and another morality, who celebrate another liturgy, and who use their own authority not to guard the Faith and protect the Lord’s Flock, but to sow error, heresy, schism. The faithful are also aware of this division, those who largely do not want and have never wanted the Church to become first a sort of Protestant sect, and then a philanthropic NGO or, worse, the servant of the New World Order. By God’s grace, there are still many priests and some Bishops who continue to be Catholics, who believe integrally what Our Lord has taught us, who celebrate the traditional Mass. And who – coincidentally – are also aware of the health dictatorship, of the Great Reset plan, of the projects of the New World Order.

And just as in the State there is the deep state, so in the Church there is also a deep church. The deep church has made its own the globalist ideology, perhaps with the hope of being able to be a part of that Religion of Humanity that Freemasonry would like to establish. A human religion, indeed a satanic religion, in which idols and demons are admitted, but from which Our Lord Jesus Christ, the true God and only Savior, is banished. This is why the Bergoglian Church is ecumenical, inclusive, resilient, and ecological. This is why he promotes vaccines and sows panic about the pandemic. For this reason he is silent in the face of violations of human rights, the desecration of churches, the secularization of nations, the erasure of Catholic identity and Christian traditions from society. The deep state wants to destroy national sovereignty, the economy, business, justice, education, health and the entire social fabric: with this the rulers betray their people and maintain power through the establishment of a dictatorship. In the same way, the deep church wants to destroy the Church of Christ, leaving it the humanitarian trappings but depriving it of the soul, that is, of its Lord and God. In both cases we can recognize the work of the Devil, who hates God as the Creator of all the perfections of the world and at the same time as the Redeemer and Savior of mankind through the Sacrifice of His divine Son on the Cross.

So, to answer your question: the Bergoglian church certainly played a decisive role in planning this coup, by having knowingly approved and taught theological and philosophical errors as a foundation on which the psycho-pandemic, neo-Malthusian ecologism, the Great Reset and Agenda2030, could then proliferate, along with gender theory and the approval of the LGBT movement and so-called homosexual “marriages.” From the Second Vatican Council to today this deep church has managed to make the faithful swallow a new religion, while at the same time making them believe that they are still Catholics.

The deep church also has a role in carrying out the global coup, because it accepted and ratified the pandemic narrative, closed churches for months and banned services, and promulgated an equivocal “Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines” knowing that it would be interpreted as a Church authorization for the vaccines. Bergoglio went so far as to say that the gene serum is a moral duty, indeed an act of charity and, imposing it on all the employees of the Vatican.

But the deep church will not be part of the solution, having been part of the problem. It will be the good Pastors, the rare Prelates not sold out to the system, the priests and religious who are daily in contact with reality and see the physical, psychological, moral and spiritual damage caused by this criminal conspiracy instrumental to the total control of citizens and the extermination of a part of them. It will be the Catholic Church, when she makes the voice of Christ resound loudly, that will open the eyes of humanity and make it understand that the only way out of this infernal circle is the return of men to God, to respect for His holy Law, to the practice of the virtues and the abandonment of sin. When we all ask together, kneeling before God, to have mercy on us sinners, only then will He intervene, defeating His enemies. Among these will be those who today are perfectly aligned with the globalist agenda.

  1. What do you believe the next twelve months will look like if (1) people push back and fight for freedom, or (2) if people do not push back and fight for freedom?

I obviously cannot make predictions, although I hope that the ever faster evolution of events and the evidence of the coup détat in progress will make it clear that it is everyone’s duty to oppose with courage and determination the establishment of the New World Order. But I repeat: no one should be under the illusion that the issue is limited to a struggle for freedom. If we are to fight, our battle must be for the return of Christ the King and Mary our Queen, in obedience to the Law of God. We have already abused freedom too much, making it a fetish that legitimized the worst aberrations: now is the time to choose between being “no longer servants, but friend” of Our Lord or slaves of Satan.

The idea of an Anti-Globalist Alliance, which unites and provides a program of action to those who are not willing to submit to the health or ecological dictatorship, can represent an opportunity: it could indicate general principles valid for all local realities, which each movement could then share by adapting them to specific situations. I hope that there will be political leaders, intellectuals, representatives of institutions, the judiciary, the armed forces, doctors, journalists, teachers and ordinary people who want to take up my Appeal[2] and promote it. Also because, as I have already stated, when the attack is global, the opposition must also be global. But if we let it go, if we close ourselves inside our small realities pretending not to see the threat that hangs over all of us, if we continue to sin and offend the Lord, we will become accomplices of the conspirators and traitors, and we will certainly not deserve either the mercy of God, nor will we deserve to get out of this hell on earth. Think about it: it could be the last chance.



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